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Progress Report


Team Members

  • Jennifer Tamez
  • Robert Surles

Since beginning the independent research, we have met numerous times to discuss what will be read and researched, and we have decided to focus our subject on learning.

Our focus began not so much "focused",and we narrowed our topic to the theory and practice of learning. We have begun a power point presentation that will be presented in class on Monday, March 29,and have also begun our paper. In class, we will touch on the main points of the paper through the power point. The finalized project (paper/presentation), will be more elaborate and go into more detail at that time. We do not want to give away the whole presentation before it is due.

At the present time, we have almost completed the independent research project. Finalization will inlcude editing and final touch ups. The final version will be complete in one week.

To Gerhard: When would you like us to present this? We looked on the schedule, but noticed we weren't listed. (We have named our project now, if that was the problem). Thanks!

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