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Initial Description of Course Project

Group Members

  • Jennifer Tamez
  • Robert Surles


We are interested in looking at the relationship of an individual and his/her environment, and how that relationship effects learning. We would like to address issues such as how design of various operational systems can be reconfigured to enhance learning, and what an individual uses to collaborate with in order to gain understanding.


We want to present the concept that each of us has a unique learning style, and how we use that style in various environments is critical in our actual learning. We believe that each individual has the ability to adjust and perform effectively in new complex environments in order to accomplish simple tasks.


We expect to use a computer which aids in instruction, link trainer, static models, and an aircraft as the learning environment. A video will also be made to show in class during the final presentation, so we will be using a video camera.

Specific Challenges

We think that a challenging aspect of the project will be when Jennifer learning how to fly is used as an example of how learning and environment affect each other.

Relationship to course

Our project relates to the course and what we have been studying by applying design, learning and collaboration to learning environments.

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