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Semester Project Progress Report


Team Members

  • Jennifer Tamez
  • Robert Surles

We are very excited about the hands on project. We knew what we wanted to research, what we wanted to do and how we would execute our plan. We posted our description and our proposal. On hearing feedback from Gerhard, we realized that our description was too broad. Still wanting to keep our original plan, we are following through with the metacognition experiment, but we have revised our description so that it has a more focused and specific description of what we will be doing.

Our project is coming along. We have read, researched, written our paper and made a power point presentation for class. All that is left is the actual hands on experiment. The experiment is scheduled to happen very soon, and once we do this we will finalize our project. After the hands on part of the project is complete, we will be able to add in results to our work. Once this is done, we will edit, revise (if needed) and add final touch ups to the presentation.
The final version will be complete in two to three weeks.


(Can also be seen in the power point presentation)

Power Point Presentation



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