Questionnaire 2

Instructions: Please answer the questionnaire in a way similar to answering your homework, by adding a link below.

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Whether or not you choose to fill out the questionnaire anonymously, please respond like this:

-*q2-student 1*

-*q2-student 2*

and so on.

Please submit by: Monday, 18-Mar

  1. what are aspects of the course so far that are positive and need to be sustained?
  2. what do you think about the following parts of the course?
    1. Lecture sessions
    2. Guest Lectures
    3. "practical sessions" (EDC, PitaBoard, Role Playing)
    4. small assignments
    5. efforts of getting course participants involved in the course
    6. use of technologies (e.g., Swiki, the WWW in general) in the course
    7. peer-to-peer learning (e.g., to which extent did it happen in your case)
    8. independent research activities
    9. course projects
  3. how would you improve the course?
  4. self-assessment – please let us know how well YOU think you have done in the course Think about this in terms of your performances in:
    1. please give an honest answer about how much time and effort you have put into your work so far (work hard <–> last-minute effort <–> minimum effort to get by)
    2. participation (including class participation; attendance, ......);
    3. small assignments,
    4. your effort thus far in the independent research activities
    5. your effort thus far in your project
  5. anything else you would like us to know?