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Questionnaire #2

1.What are aspects of the course so far that are positive and need to be sustained?
The interactive nature of the course is what is the most interesting aspect of the course. Also the use of Swiki is very good and helps the class in collaborating even when we are not in class. Besides these features of the class I think that the Independent Research is very helpful and pertinent to the class content.

2. What do you think about the following parts of the course?

Lecture sessions-
Sometimes going over the same stuff in class gets tedious. However the plus-side of this is that we get to know everybody's opinion just in case we did not get a chance to read the homeworks that are put up. The class can be made better if Gerhard would discuss related issues from other papers, besides the one we read.

Guest Lectures-The guest lectures by Eric, Jonathan and Yunwen were really good. They help us see the practical aspects of the theories discussed in the class.

"Practical sessions" (EDC, PitaBoard, Role Playing)-These were the most engaging sessions of all. We had good fun in the role-playing session especially and it also helped in realising what it takes to design something as complex as a transportation system and also something like the EDC.

Small assignments-Once we understand the content of the paper these small assignments feel like a repetition. But I guess there is no other way of ensuring that we go over the papers and understand them. One approach that could be taken is that we dont do these small assignments but instead have a discussion in class in tandem with Gerhard's presentation. This way we will have to go over the paper only twice.

Efforts of getting course participants involved in the course-I think this is by far the most interactive class I have attended and the conductors of the course are taking a lot of effort in achieving this.

Use of technologies (e.g., Swiki, the WWW in general) in the course-As mentioned above Swiki is very good. Also the course and course contents are not very text-book based so it encourages the need of the web also to a large extent. This is very helpful.

Peer-to-peer learning (e.g., to which extent did it happen in your case)-Peer-to-peer learning takes place to a large extent in this class. This is the result of the two projects that encourage us to work in groups and also the use of Swiki where we can see everyone's homeworks enabling us to see others viewpoints and learn from them.

Independent research activities-I really enjoyed working on my Independent research.

Course projects- Since we were allowed to choose our course projects I ended up selecting something that I always wanted to do. SO this worked really well for me.

How would you improve the course?
We could avoid repetition in the class. Also some more EDC, role-playing sessions will be good.

Self-assessment – please let us know how well YOU think you have done in the course.
I think I am doing well in this class. Attending class, reading the papers etc. is good fun so I am not having a lot of problems with the material as such. However my Course Project is not going great so I have to work on it. Independent project is coming along well. However seeing the structure and content of the class I will say that this class is an experience by itself irrespective of the grade I get on it.

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