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Assignment 10

Learning and Mindsets

Due: Monday, Feb 25

paper: Fischer, G: "Lifelong Learning: Changing Mindsets", Proceedings of ICCE 99, 7th International Conference on Computers in Education on "New Human Abilities for the Networked Society", November 4-7, 1999, Chiba, Japan. pp. 21 - 30.


with this assignment we split the members of the class into:
  1. producers (students giving answers)
  2. analyzers and summarizers (students evaluating the answers from the other students)

we will rotate these roles - for this assignment, I suggest that
  1. Jing Fang
  2. Tomo Oda

are the "analyzers and summarizers"! The "analyzers and summarizers" can do their work individually or jointly!

  1. producers: please submit by 10:00am to the class website - please be on time, so the "analyzers and summarizers" can do their work!
  2. analyzers/summarizers: please submit by 2:00pm to the class website

Briefly discuss the following issues:

  1. what did you find
    1. interesting about the article?
    2. not interesting about the article?
  2. what do you consider the main message of the article?
  3. describe in detail your mindset about learning
    1. how did you develop it?
    2. when did you develop it?
    3. did you ever change it? what made you change your mindset?
  4. has our course ("Design, Learning, and Collaboration") so far influenced in any way your mindset about learning?
  5. what is the impact of media / technologies (e.g., computers) on the formation of mindset – if any?

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