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Assignment 8

Due: Mon, Feb 18

Collaborative Environments

What makes for a good collaborative environment? Is it the system's key
features, the people who use it, or the things they use it for?

In preparation for Monday's class please post brief responses to the
following questions:

  • What is your favorite web-based collaborative technology (provide a URL)?
  • What makes stand apart from the others you know about?

(suggestion: put the name of the environment you choose in the title of
your posting. is someone else writes about the system you've chosen, read
their comments and see if you agree)

You don't need to post your response to the following, but please think
about it:

  • Could you demonstrate the environment's special attributes to someone who had never seen it?

In class we will split up into small groups and give each group a few
minutes to present an collaborative environment on the web and tell the
rest of us why it is good (and maybe how it could be improved). I will
present one or two environments that I have designed.

My goal for the class is to build new understandings of the "design space"
for collaborative environments, and I look forward to learning what you

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