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Using the Pita Project Builder

  • Why would I want to use the project builder?

The PitA project builder allows you to define projects for the PitA-Board, an interactive collaborative table located at the L3D Center at CU, Boulder.

The goal of the PitA-Board is to allow small groups to work in a face-to-face, colocated setting and interact with each other and computational models and information spaces in the process of design.

  • How should I get started?

  1. The first activity is for you design a scenario.

  2. Once you have developed your scenario, you should locate resources that you will use within your scenario.

  3. You can then use the PitA Project Builder to define a project; any resources, such as maps; the commands used in the project; the phases of the project; what actions are associated with various pieces in each phase; and any kiosk configurations you may need.

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