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This is where we will describe the basic "how-to"s for the Pita Project builder.

Once you login/connect to the database, you are taken to the "Projects" tab.

Projects Tab

On this tab you can select and modify an existing project or create a new one.

To select an existing project, simply (single) click on its name in the left-hand column. The General information for the project is shown right away. Once the Phase/Command Space/Resources tab become un-grayed, you may select those tabs to operate on those aspects of the projects.

To change the name of an existing project, double-click on it in the left-hand column and then you can edit it in place.

To add a new project click on the "+" button at the bottom of the left-hand column. This will create a temporary name for a new project that you may then double-click on to give it the desired designation.

To delete a project, select the name of the project in the left-hand column and then click on the "-" button at the bottom of the left-hand column. (Note: and TODO: this doesn't ask for confirmation, which it should).

On the General tab, you can give a description of the project and specify the boundaries of the area of interest for the project. If you change these items, you need to click on the "Update" button to save your changes. (Note: and TODO: if you switch to another project, no warning is given regarding changes being lost–need to add this)

(plan to add: the option of specifying the "thumbnail" image that gets used in the PitA-Board "Project Chooser")

Phases Tab

Generally, the use of the PitA-Board is broken down into several separate activites or "Phases". (Part of the reason is the limted number of unique pieces that are available, but it is also useful to organize the problem-solving/participation process).

Phases are presented in a manner similar to Projects. There is a column to the left of the Phases sub-pane that lists existing phases. You can add/delete/change names in the same way as with projects.

on the "Startup" tab under the phases tab, you can give a description for the phase, specify a map to load at the beginning of the phase, and a set of commands to be run at the start of the phase.

The "Action Space" tab allows you to specify the meaning of the various pieces during that phase.

The "Kiosks" tab allows you to specify what kiosks will be active during the phase and what menu items they will present.

Command Space Tab

The commands that are presented along the edges of the board are defined on this pane. They are generally consistent throughout the entire project. You can specify the label that appears on the board (use a backslash '\' to represent a line break in the label). (TODO: add icons as labels).

Resources Tab

There are various resources that can be used within the project. These are uploaded/linked to via this panel.


These are images that you have in digital form that you can upload to the Project Builder. This is undergoing change to bring it into alignment with the WMS resource pane.


This is where you can specify Web Mapping Service (WMS) resources. WMS is an HTTP-based protocol defined by the OpenGIS consortium ( The steps to define a new WMS resource are
  1. click on the "Add" button
  2. specify the WMS server link (include the http://–e.g.,:
  3. click on the "get capabilities" button. This will query the WMS server for the layers and styles available on the server and make them available in pop-up menus).
  4. select the layer you wish to use
  5. select the style for that layer.
  6. give the resource a name
  7. click on the "define resource" button

(note: our use of WMS is very simpilstic and we have not tested it against a large number of servers. we anticipate that the interface will evolve as we understand the capabilities and the user-communities needs better)


This is only a skeletal interface for adding commands and actions. It needs to be updated to support editing existing commands and actions. To add comands and actions requires some understanding of the underlying smalltalk code of the system, so should not be used without the appropriate knowledge.


This is the interface for uploading new icons. Needs to be updated to allow browsing/deleting/etc similar to WMS. Currently all you can do is upload a new image and name it.

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