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  1. Connect to the project builder over the web. The current URL is You should first be presented with a certificate for the java applet

    Uploaded Image: certif.jpg

    If you wish to proceed, accept this certificate. You are then presented with the database login screen

    Uploaded Image: login.jpg

  2. Login to the project builder database

    Uploaded Image: login2.jpg

  3. Define a project

    Uploaded Image: project.jpg

  4. Define any resources you wish to use (maps, icons, WMS server layers)

    Uploaded Image: resource.jpg

  5. Define phases for the project

    Uploaded Image: phases.jpg

  6. Define actions (the meaning of the pieces)

    Uploaded Image: actions.jpg

  7. Define any kiosks within the phase

    Uploaded Image: kiosk.jpg

  8. Define any commands for the project

    Uploaded Image: commands.jpg

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