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This is where we will try to make people aware of known problems:

  • IE5.2(MacOSX) doesn't seem to support java 1.4.2, which is needed. There are two manifestations of this problem:
    1. the applet doesn't resize with the browser window.
    2. after logging in, it gets stuck at "preparing kiosk area"
    • the initial workaround is to "use safari"–we will continue to pursue other resolutions to this issue.

  • FireFox (MacOSX) doesn't support java 1.4.2 by default. You have to download and install the "Java Embedding Plugin" from Sourceforge. (this should fix things for Netscape, too, though i haven't tried it yet)

  • When using the applet, if you are idle for a long period of time, your interface can "lock up" for several minutes until it finally times out its connection with the server. This is being investigated. Workaround: if you are idle for more than about 10 minutes, it would be best if you go to the "Database" tab and click "disconnect" then put your password in and click "connect" again. This will lose any unsaved changes, but will avoid the painfully long wait.

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