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Done so far:


  • distribute the questionnaire to a broader spectrum of wiki users and analyze the results
  • Implement expansion to the wiki – most probably a new editor and viewer for an existing wiki.
    • Object-based wiki, paragraphs, images, mindmaps, etc are all objects.
    • API for objects so that elements from other services can be included on wiki-pages as native objects
      • objects can be edited either in the wiki or on the original webservice
    • Objects have information about the content (text/url/commands), tags, "meta-data" stored on our system, while the content itself could be everywhere. Thus, also external objects and images can be tagged, can have rights, and thus can be accessed, found, edited more easily than in current wikis (where theses functions only work well for text)
    • More extensive User Rights Management with dynamic groups. Objects and pages can be set so that only friends/members of certain groups can edit or view them.
    • Members get notifications about changes in their groups/friends' pages
  • advise an undergrad in implementing other, smaller functions, e.g.
    • flickr and youtube interfaces in the wiki, so that files can be uploaded to and accessed from these services through our wiki.
    • interfaces to include twitter or other web 2.0 services in the wiki, e.g. the last twitter-message as the status on the public user profile
    • interface for opensocial, so that opensocial widgets could also be used as objects on wiki pages

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