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How could web 2.0 technologies be used to enhance wikis

Of special interest seem to be
a more sophisticated user model
  • possibility to browse based on users, not keywords/headlines
  • creating social networks
  • as an awareness tool
    • recommender-systems based on user profiles
    • personalized notifications
  • as an extrinsic motivator
    • easier to achieve and to measure social status
    • contributions become personal

mash-up functionality
  • integrates wikis more tightly into the web 2.0 world
  • no need to re-invent the wheel, use existing services to work with
    • photos
    • videos
    • tags / bookmarks
    • maps
  • enables meta-design -> the developer doesn't need to think of all necessary content-types – the users can add them through the API/interface
  • users don't have to add all their content multiple times to different sites -> they can access their content added once to one web 2.0 service and include it in different sites/wikis

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