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The goal of the CreativeIT Program is to fund research that focuses on creativity to produce simultaneous advances in both computer science and creative cognition, creativity support tools, engineering design or science.
The CreativeIT Program solicits proposals for projects that explore the synergies of cross disciplinary research in creativity and computer science and information technology. Information technology is playing an increasing role in extending the capability of human creative thinking and problem solving. The study of creativity as a way to advance computer science and information technology can lead to new models of creative computational processes, innovative approaches to education that encourage creativity, innovative modes of research that include creative professionals, and new technology to support human creativity.
A better understanding of creativity and it's role in computer science research, encouraging creativity in education, and supporting creativity with new information technology will improve American competitiveness and innovation.

Revisions and Updates

In furtherance of the President's Management Agenda, NSF has identified programs that will offer proposers the option to utilize to prepare and submit proposals, or will require that proposers utilize to prepare and submit proposals. provides a single Government-wide portal for finding and applying for Federal grants online.
In response to this program solicitation, proposers may opt to submit proposals via or via the NSF FastLane system. In determining which method to utilize in the electronic preparation and submission of the proposal, please note the following:
Collaborative Proposals. All collaborative proposals submitted as separate submissions from multiple organizations must be submitted via the NSF FastLane system. Chapter II, Section D.3 of the Grant Proposal Guide provides additional information on collaborative proposals.

More Information on the CreativeIT Program

  • The information on this page is taken from the NSF CreativeIT Program Homepage. This page also provides contact information.
  • The program solicitation can be found here.
  • Also visit the Wikipedia entry for the CreativeIT program.

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