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Discussion: Understanding the creative process

The Creative Process
Stages of Innovation
Tools to support & enhance creativity
Team Composition
Language/terminologies of various disciplines
Scientific Methods
Creativity Methods

Proposed projects should be encouraged to include a behavioral scientist who can systematically observe and document aspects of the creative processes involved in the project, as well as the creative products that emerge from the project. These behavioral scientists could contribute not only to the research projects with which they are affiliated, but could also contribute to a meta-database maintained by NSF to study and document creative and innovative research.

Steve Smith

I am looking to support collaborative creativity in distributed settings with computer-supported awareness tools. In light of what Steve is saying above, I did a pilot study observing creative groups in distributed settings over a significant period of time (one week).

I was able to identify and document breakdowns that occurred during the creative process specifically related to awareness support. The paper can be found here. I would love to engage in further discussion around this topic.

Umer Farooq

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