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Outcomes and benefits


  1. Improve US global position
  2. Make US an attractor for the world's best
  3. Beyond manufacturing, beyond services shift to the creative
  4. New models in engineering, IT and design education
  5. Attracting the best minds to technology and design

  1. Transformational outcomes
  2. Ontologies for collaboration
  3. New environments/ new space
  4. New digital tools
  5. New prototyping/fabrication tools
  6. Graduate student support (esp humanities)
  7. Reflection on the doing

  1. New programs
  2. New kinds of graduates - effective participants in the creative economy


  1. Economic: improve GNP
  2. Adaptive labor force (rapid re-education and re-training), lower unemployment
  3. Base economic engine on sustainable, renewable resources (IT and design)

  1. Opens up new problem areas
  2. New environments
  3. New opportunities
  4. Better theories
  5. Personal efficacy

  1. Transformation to more flexible and creative
  2. Increase pool of talented graduates

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