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Possible workshop names:

  • Fostering transdisciplinary communities
  • Dreaming of a common language
  • Workshop on misfits
  • Design guidelines for creativity support tools
  • Production-based transdisiplinary workshops
  • Workshop to design production-based transdisciplinary workshops

So that the workshop can serve the purpose of building a community:
how can we have workshops where people go home afterward and spend their time on things they really want to do (and would do anyway) because those things are personally meaningful to them.

Workshop themes:

  • foster community of people who don't feel they have to choose sides
  • people from different sectors
  • research methods for studying creativity
  • fostering community instead of stream of presentations
  • engaging participants in dialog
  • organized around some sort of production
    • use a tool to produce something, reflect on process and result
    • make something, it doesn't matter what it is
    • bring people who have background in theme
    • prework before people show up
    • so people are coming as competent
    • how do you do this for people are very busy?
    • fund 1/2 month of faculty salary to encourage them to do this
  • design is necessary plumbing, but the are levels above that
  • how to avoid derailing
  • do we need a workshop to design workshops first?
    • looking at tools that would support that
  • people will do things when it is important to them / personally meaningful
  • understanding social creativity, linux, wikipedia and beyond.
  • make the economic case for creativity
    • describe the economics of discovery and innovation
  • how do we educate/change the educational structure to encourage more creative thinking?
  • interventions at the college level, and in the workplace
  • what are economic, policical, social aspects related to creativity
  • assessing creativity: processing and products
    • how to assess creativity?
    • what are better terms rather than overused "creativity"
  • having resources to invite people who bring orthogonal expertise to your process and have them stay with you for three months

Workshop on wicked problems: Conducting programmatic research on the study of wicked problems.
  • Workshop Focus: Identification of contextually appropriate evaluation methods, criteria, metrics and measures.
    • Which can be used and when are they most effectively used?
    • How can information from different methods, metrics and measures be combined to support conclusions.
  • Workshop Participants: Individuals with demonstrated experience at conducting non-experimental research projects and/or development of novel metrics and measures.
  • Workshop Deliverable: "How to" report similar to ANSI Common Industry Format for Usability Test Reports.

Beyond workshops:

  • visiting activities, going to other labs to foster new interactions
    • provide time for more in-depth activities
    • apply to serve as inviters
    • apply to be invitee
  • alternative/complementary approach
  • could be unfocused
  • could be focused on specific task
  • what tutorials are needed and for whom?

What about a workshop for review panel participants to help them be able to better recognize the potential of innovative proposals

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