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CHI'2009 Discussion Page for Panel "Creativity Challenges and Opportunities in Social Computing"

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Please contibute your opinions / comments on the following issues:

  • most of the pressing and important problems of today’s world are systemic problems making collaboration supported by social computing not a luxury but a necessity

  • will social computing enhance or hinder creativity? by contrasting the arguments:
    • enhancements will come from making all voices heard, integrating local knowledge and unique expertise and critiquing each other thoughts and products;
    • hindrance will be caused by problematic impacts and potential drawbacks of social computing such as: (1) the suffocation of authentic voices by mass mediocrity; (2) counter-productive fragmentations among participants based on too many different voices from the Long Tail leading to modern versions of the “Tower of Babel”;

  • how can we nurture collaborations across disciplines of research and practices, particularly those historically viewed as disparate from each other (e.g.: CS/HCI and the Creative Practices)?

  • does the integration of creative practices in research only require new production techniques, or does it necessitate new ways of thinking, questioning and processing information thereby requiring not only new technologies, but new mindsets.

  • how can we exploit the creative arts practices that have been engaged in a rich history of critical thinking to envision new HCI methods and techniques:

  • how can we sow the seeds for a more creative society by educating students as creative thinkers and creating mindsets focused on:
    • regarding collaboration in social computing environments as desirable and engaging instead of considering it a form of cheating;
    • not only solving specific types of problems, but being able to adapt and improvise in response to the unexpected situations that inevitably arise in today’s fast-changing world.

  • how will creativity research support the emergence of new intellectual cultures between HCI and digital arts?

  • how do communities and technologies co-evolve in social computing environments in the pursuit of creativity?

  • what is the impact of powerful creativity support tools supporting collaboration, visualization, reflection, and critiquing?

Other issues:

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