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Topic Ideas for Session 4
Discussion and Creation of a Workshop White Paper

Topics discussed in papers

  • Social networks: what works and what does not
  • Privacy Issues (Access Control)
    • Will the desire for access control change with the growth of the younger user population?
  • Out-Of-Group Experience
    • Media Competition?
  • New Opportunities?
    • Blurring the lines between Synchronous/Asynchronous
    • Users compensating for missing system functionality by using other Web 2.0 Technologies
  • Changing Mindsets
    • Younger Users v.s. Older Users
    • Older Industries (Aerospace) v.s. Newer Industries (Google)
  • Control of Information v.s. Grass Roots Commuication
    • Bayer v.s. Daimler
  • How do we assess the value of SN in the Enterprise?
    • The Social Life of Information (Brown and Duguid)
    • Talking abut Work (Orr)
    • Good Examples: Bayer Social Visualizations
      • Gives reasons for people to talk to each other
      • Lowers threshold for communication
      • Is there a quantifiable benefit?
    • Serendipity v.s. On Demand
  • Crossing Boundries
    • Customer-Designer
    • University-Industry
  • Problems with Tagging
    • Tagging is context dependent
      (tags do not transfer across different contexts)
    • Tagging v.s. Foldering
    • Are a large number of tags required for them to be useful?
      • findings suggest usefulness at the small group level
  • Expertise Tagging
    • Co-workers describe your expertise
    • Can this be used for User Modeling–not just finding experts?
    • How do Tags reflect actual expertise?
  • Motivation: Co-Activity -> Me-Mentality and We-Mentality

Topics NOT discussed in papers

  • Micro collaboration
    • Ad hoc people networks
  • New services
    • Facebook
    • Twitter.

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