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This is the Assignments Page

Assignment 1: Bill Joy article — due Tu, Sept 12, 10:00am

Assignment 2: Don Norman article — due Tu, Sept 26, 10:00am

Assignment 3: Questions for Panel with Advanced Graduate Students — due Tu, Oct 3, 10:00am

Assignment 4: Interivew with Faculty Member — due Tu, Oct 10, 10:00am

Assignment 5: EDC and Clever — due Oct 17, 10:00am

Assignment 6: Globalization and Offshoring of Software - due Oct 24, 10:00am

Assignment 7: Transdisciplinary Graduate Education — due Oct 31, 10:00am

Assignment 8a: The ATLAS Institute at CU Boulder - due Nov 7, 10:00am

Assignment 8b: The Institute of Cognitive Science at CU Boulder - due Nov 14, 10:00am

Assignment 9: Resources and Guidelines

Assignment 10: Assessment of an Existing PhD Thesis - due Tuesday, Nov 7, 10am

Assignment 11: Write and Post an Abstract for your “Envisioned” PhD Thesis and Present in Class - due Monday, Nov 27, 10am


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