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Home Page of Learning Team for Independent Research

John Bacus
Jon Dormody
Brian Brown

One page intro
Final Report
Final Project

Feedback from Gerhard 3/10

please post your progress report

  • I think this is an interesting project –> the objective should be: do basic research on a real problem!

things you may consider:
  • from "ease of use" –> "low threshold, high ceiling"
  • analyze the Help system (you being a learner) of a widely used system such as MS Word and analyze what is good / bad about it

from class:
  • the lecture on April 4 should be relevant to your project
  • passive help (you ask for help in whatever form) –> actve help (the system analyzes your work product and volunteers some help); this is one of the objectives of "critiquing system" which we discussed on 2/5 in class)!


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