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Collaboration Group Page

Topic Focus

Under the broad topic of collaboration we would like to focus on learning more about collaborative tools that facilitate political and social activism, particularly via pervasive computing tools (e.g. cell phone, pda, etc).

Navigation Guide:

All items due can be found under the Deliverables section.

Page History:

[04/01/05, Phong]: added notes on Rheingold's Chapter 2.

Research Methodology

  • Use the swiki for postings
  • Use research databases like the ACM Digital Library
  • Check out books from the library or ask for books for Gerhard
  • Interview crucial people

Member Contact Info

phong: phong[at]colorado[dot]edu

scotty: scott.allen[at]colorado[dot]edu

adam: adam.torgerson[at]colorado[dot]edu

david: westdb[at]colorado[dot]edu


Initial Research Statement

First Progress Report

Second Progress Report

Collaboration Group Final Report

Presentation: collab.pdf




Contributions / Working Space



adam: Activism through Pervasive Computing

david: Technology Aided Grassroots Movements

Contibution for the first progress report (to be assimilated)

Work in Progress

Final Report Outline

Draft Final Report


Howard Rheingold

Grassroots Groupminds

Information on the Digital Communities award of Prix Ars Electronica from

More from the Ars Electronica website

Technology and Community – Elite Public Culture or Grassroots Empowerment? A Case Study of New Haven, Connecticut

The liberal media and right-wing conspiracies: using cocitation information to estimate political orientation in web documents

About Foucault's Panopticon

Plenary Session #7: Grassroots Goes Global: Activism Online (Audio Recording)

Distributed cognition: toward a new foundation for human-computer interaction research
Venezuela's Media Coup by Naomi Klein

Contact Info




david: AOLIM: mrhand00

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