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PitA-Board Meta-Design Project

(This page serves as the portal for all information related to the hands-on project . Only project related information and reports will be posted on this page. We are also working together on the book project Collaboration in Software Development Process. Material related to our independent research as well any information related to meetings and general group related issues can be found on our independent research page.)

Team Members

Final Report

Monday 3, May, 2004

Note: I had trouble uploading the slides to the swiki, so the slides reside off site.

Saturday 17, April, 2004

Edited by Andy

Features to implement

Friday 9, April, 2004

Meeting with Hal
  • Technical issues
  • Restarting swiki

Monday 5, April, 2004

Meeting with Hal
  • Technical overview of the system
  • Discussion on Squeak and its architecture
  • Discussion about the current model
  • Future enhancements/changes

Monday 29, March, 2004

Edited by Nilo

Project Progress

Monday 8, March, 2004

Edited by Rizwan

Project Proposal

Tuesday 26, February, 2004

Link to Andrew's initial idea:

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