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Collaboration in Software Development Process

(This page serves as the group page as well. We are also working together on the PitA-Board Meta-Design Project. In addition to the material that pertains to our independent research, any information related to meetings and general group related issues will also be posted here. Only project related information and reports will be posted on the project page.)

Team Members

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Final report: HTML, PDF

Here are our slides for our presentation today:

I may add a couple of slides on interviews in the next 15 min - Andy

Monday, April 19, 2004

Edited by Andrew

Mine are still notes, full powerpoint in the morning, before 10

Missing File (/dlc-2004/uploads/Contrast.doc)

I also found this: which we can use if we can't upload files any better way than FTP.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Edited by Rizwan

So have I...!


Sunday, April 18, 2004

Edited by Randell

I added my Power Point presentation to the following link:


Monday, March 29, 2004

Edited by Andrew

Progress Reports

Friday 26, March, 2004

Edited by Rizwan

Nilo, Andrew and I had an hour long meeting. Randell was out of town.
  • Reviewed progress on both the independent research and project so far.
  • Discussed the progress reports for both.
  • Updated each other with the study/research/reviews done for the independent research.
  • Exchanged notes on various aspects of extreme programming.
  • Prepared a first draft format for the final presentation of our independent research.
  • Discussed two papers and a dissertation dug up by Nilo related to the task-centered approach for meta-design.

Thursday 18, March, 2004

Edited by Rizwan

Nilo, Andrew and I had an hour long meeting. Randell was out of town.
  • Discussed and set targets for the next one week.
  • Exchanged ideas on independent research.
  • Discussed possibilities for the project.
  • Set the agenda for the next meeting.

Tuesday 16, March, 2004

Eddited by Randell

I created a folder so we can put documents that we would like for everyone to access. The following link will take you there:

(ed: link deleted–just click on uploads for this page)

  • I added to the folder some documents that I am interested. In Monday's meeting, Nilo and I talked about the idea that each of us should investigate a particular subject in this big idea that we all have. He was interested in Project Management and I told him that I was interested in Pair Programming. I think that each of us should start concentrating in a particular topic and develop it.
  • I added to the folder some papers I am reading with regards to Pair Programming.
  • Don't forget that tommorrow we'll meet at the same room that Nilo separated. We can discuss more about this ideas.

Tuesday 9, March, 2004

Suggested sources of information by Randell:

This website contains a basic introdction to Extreme Programming. A good source to find more information:

Ken Anderson's class website for Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Spring '03 has a lot of information about Software Development. Take a look at the Agile Design pdf in this website. But other presentations might be as helpfull.

This website contains a lot of information about XProgramming. I will look more into it and suggest some specific readings.

Here are some other sources from me (Andrew). These are primarily examples of alternatives to XP. If this makes our focus too broad, we can think about exactly what we want to incorporate.

I have these books:

  • Rapid Development by Steve McConnell

  • Agile Software Development with Scrum by Schwaber and Beedle

  • Peopleware by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister

More from Andrew:

  • extreme Programming explained by Kent Beck

  • Software for your Head by McCarthy and McCarthy

  • After the Gold Rush - Creating a True Profession of Software Engineering by Steve McConnell (library book)

  • Dynamics of Software Development by Jim McCarthy, who worked at Microsoft. This book is very anecdotal, but still useful. (library book)

  • The Software Architect's Profession by Sewell and Sewell (library book)

note: the books not market library book are borrowed or owned and probably exist in the UCB libraries.

Out of Andrew's ideas:

Software development teams face difficult tasks today. Various market and technology factors continue to drive an increase in software system complexity. While object-oriented programming style assists in building complex software systems, it is by no means a panacea.

In reality, each member of a development team on a complex software system only knows about a fraction of the system. In fact, the total coverage of knowledge from all team members may not include all elements of the system. The ignorance of each member places great requirements on collaboration within the team.

Team members must be able to learn on demand, whether from each other or from some knowledge base. In addition, a high premium is placed on communication between team members. These and other related considerations go beyond software engineering. Some recent literature has tried to attack some of these problem, for instance Extreme Programming, which falls somewhere between collaboration and software engineering, and is much more based on empirical observation than scientific analysis.


To examine the under-efficient software devleopment process on complex projects and improve team performance through improved collaboration.


To understand better how teams working on complex projects, where each team member is ignorant of a majority of the system, can improve their collaboration to better approach new work, bring on new team members, retain knowledge from departed team members, and otherwise maintain the integrity and efficiency of the team.


Study the effects of specific improvements in the literature, such as wikis, documentation standards, coding standards, structured communication methods, etc.

Specific Challenges:

I have worked in this type of enviroment before, but I do not now, so we will have to make some contacts if we would like to talk to people in industry or examine collaboration in their enviroments.

Relationship to Course:

This project examines an environment in which I believe Collaboration is very highly required, and stressed. Examining Collaboration in a complex engineering enviroment should yield useful techniques for less challenging environments as well as other complex engineering environments.

Independent Research Proposal

Research Topic

Collaboration in Software Development Process

Research Proposal

We will be researching the aspects of "collaboration" ocurring in the Software Development Process. There are several stages where collaboration takes place, including different stakeholders and different degrees of collaboration. We will also be looking at new approaches to collaborate in the Software Development Process, such as Xtreme Programming.

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