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This is the "collaborative work space" for The Razor's Edge Team. As we work on our WebQuest, we will upload all group and individual rough draft documents here. We will also post/share our internal team communications for the WebQuest here. To assess the quality of our work, we plan on using Webquest's Rubric for our self-evaluation.

Key Questions for the Cutting Edge WebQuest:

1. What makes some Web sites so great and others so terrible?
2. What are the key elements of engaging online learning?
3. Who are the experts in Web design and e-Learning?

The Razor's Edge Presentation

Tasks for the week:

If everyone gets their section of the rubric completed by Sunday at 5pm, then no conference call will be needed. Everyone will present their own section of the rubric for the presentation. If anyone has questions or concerns please contact the goup via e-mail or by phone. Thanks. (2/3)

  • Ryan

We will be given 30 minutes during class on Wednesday to finish up any final touches on the project.

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