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February 1st Iteration (Scroll down for our Rubric)

Web site Sucks
Web site's Decent
Web site's Exemplary
Appropriate for User Demographic Users find the information unappealing, unimportant, culturally irrelevant, and/or not age-appropriate Users find the material somewhat interesting, important, culturally relevant, and/or age-appropriate Users find the material interesting, important, culturally relevant, and/or age-appropriate


Users find an excess of pointless textual cut-and-paste information, without appropriate transitions to inform them of why they should care to read on and/or what lies ahead Users find some lists that draw their attention Users are immediately captivated with contextualized information, including the main points summarized at the outset, with appropriate lists and highlighted hyperlinks for those interested in pursuing the content further

Purposeful & Meaningful

Users find canned information that doesn’t provoke further thinking Users find information that requires some analysis Users find engaging information that provokes further thinking, analysis and synthesis


Users find outdated information with numerous broken links Users find some update information but are distracted by too many links Users find update information with links there used effectively to provide additional background information, concept reinforcement, and further detail

Layered (General to Detailed)

Users find it confusing as they move between pages and get lost easily Users find they sometimes get lost but generally know how to get to where ever they want to Users find it easy to move between pages and know at all times how to get to where ever they want to

Appropriate for User Demographic

 No relation between style and user demographic.  Some correlation between user demographic and style
 Graphics and layout match user demographic perfectly. Style enriches overall e-Learning experience.


 No immediately apparent style. Graphics and layout appear to be at random and are confusing to the user.
 Graphics and layout are not confusing for user. However, they do not add any value to the site of make material easier to understand.
 Graphics are clearly represented, can easily be identified, and follow similar styles and characteristics. Graphics add meaning and clarity to text-based content.

Purposeful & Meaningful

 No meaning or purpose is immediately apparent
 Purpose of site is apparent from style, but does not enhance the overall content of site. Graphics are visually appealling, but do not further purposes of web site.
 Visuals are not only pleasing to the eye, but add purpose and meaning to the text-based content on the site. Graphics are used to help visual learners understand and apply material.

Visual Appeal

 No graphic elements present. Web site is visually "draining" to the user. Graphics do not display properly, are distorted, or clutter the page.
 Few graphic elements are present, or graphic elements are not relevant to e-learning site
 Appropriate number of graphic elements. Visual graphics and other effects are appealing and add richness to overall e-Learning experience.

Intelligent Use of Color & Graphics (Placement and Size)

 No color/graphic elements or color/graphic elements are distracting to overall purpose and function of web site.
 Color/graphic elements do not distract user, but do not add any value to the e-Learning experience.
 Color/Graphics are used to guide users eye to areas of importance on each web page. Color is carefully selected that will display properly on all browsers, and will be easily seen and identified even by users with color blindness or other disabilities.
Site Map  Site maps that are not tested and are out dated  Site maps that are barely adequate.  Site maps that are tested and kept up to date to work properly.
Accessibility (Click Pattern – Navigation)  A web page does not load up appropriately or takes too long.
The web links do not work properly.
 Hot links that work. Moderate use of graphics. Certain layouts are just sufficient enough.  Web pages that load quickly. Web links that are tested and kept up to date to work properly.
Coherence  Incoherent, jumbled text.  Message comes across but may be too wordy.  Succinct language with clear ideas and information.
Purposeful & Meaningful  Page with no purpose; with no meaningful information.  Has some interesting information but requires utilizing further search.  Established levels of importance for content. Provides useful content. Places important information at the top.
Well Suited to User’s Needs  Uninformative. No further links provided. Lacking structure.  Partially provides information. Structure exists but not much content.  Written with relevant and high-quality content including only the information users need. Well organized content. Break the text up into small manageable pieces. Use words that are understandable to users.

Modern, Up To Date

 Web site is slow and cumbersome and upon initial inspection, seems old fashioned to a common user.  If appropriate, some of the more advanced communication functions are utilized. Examples are streaming or cached video with audio, chat rooms, white board, BBS (Bulletin Board System), live audio and video feed from professor, audio access for students using microphone or telephone  High functioning utilization of at least two of the technology tools listed in the 'It's Decent' column.

Mechanically Sound, Bug Free

Unfinished links (“under construction” not noted before clicking on the unfinished page).
The inability to use web site features due to unloaded but needed software (Adobe, Music or Video players etc.).
Site maps that are insufficient or difficult to maneuver
Web pages that has bugs or errors.
 Hot links that work.
Moderate use of graphics.
Certain layouts are just sufficient enough.
Site maps that are simply adequate.

 Pages are kept current and updated and marked as such.
Web pages that are free of bugs or errors.

Browser Compatibility

 At least some bugs on any commonly used browser on PCs and Macs.  Works on current IE browsers on PCs with no detectable bugs. Very few bugs on Mac Based IE and Netscape browsers and on PC based Netscape browsers.  No detectable bugs on the two most recent versions of IE and Netscape and Firefox on PCs and Macs.

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