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The Commons

This is an initial area for sharing information. Please feel free to add information and resources of common interest to the graduate student community and to reorganize thing as is appropriate as things evolve.

To that end, I put the description of the plans for this area of the wiki on a sub-page. Seems like there are more important/interesting things to discuss here.

Let's start with a list of books that influenced your view of CreativeIT and a collection of common questions/problems for CreativeIT students.

Also, it seems as if there is a question of whether this wiki is a good place to discuss and communicate. After all, I seem to be the first to make changes to the commons area. So would a forum be a better medium? Is there a better medium out there? How should we change it so that this becomes more useful? Personally, I'd like better ways to get notified about changes. And more interaction :)

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