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Introduction (by organizers)

Participatory design and Learner-centered design

  • "OSS Design Communities: An Emergent Form of Distributed Participatory Design" by Flore Barcellini, Françoise Détienne, Jean-Marie Burkhardt Détienne_etal's Slides
  • "Designing for Design Learning" by Melissa Koch, William Penuel Koch's Slides
  • "Design of Visual Interactive Systems: a Multi-Facet Methodology" by Daniela Fogli, Andrea Marcante, Piero Mussio, Loredana Parasiliti Provenza Marcante's Slides
  • "Using Theoretical Ideas to Stimulate Creativity and Participation in Design" by Anders I. Mørch Mørch's Slides

Collaborative Design

  • "Design Informatics – Information Needs in Design" by David G. Hendry Hendry's Slides
  • "Collaborative Design and the Science of Design" by Charlotte P. Lee
  • "Combining research strategies in interaction design of communication systems for the home" by Gueddana Sofiane


  • "Design Methods to Engage Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities and their Families" by Melissa Dawe
  • "What Cognitive Science Has to Offer for Research on Appropriation and End-User Development" by Antti Salovaara Salovaara's Slides

Design in the creative practices

  • "Complicating HCI/Arts Collaboration" by Piotr D. Adamczyk Adamczyk's Slides
  • "From the Inside Out: Design Methodologies of the Self" by Thecla Schiphorst
  • "A Participatory Design Understanding of Interaction Design" by Ron Wakkary Wakkary's Slides

Design Theory and Practice

  • "Process and Language for Design" by Kouichi Kishida Kishida's Slides
  • "User Experience Building Blocks - Reducing Design to Content Filling" by Joerg Beringer
  • "The Utility of Simple Prototype Tasks in Understanding and Augmenting Real-World Design Behavior" by John C. Thomas Thomas' Slides
  • "Learning from an Extended Context of Patterns in Science of Design" by Karl Flieder
  • "Design Methodology is not Design Science" by Christoph Bartneck Bartneck's Slides

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