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Workshop Organizers

Gerhard Fischer ( is a Full Professor of Computer Science, a Fellow of the Institute of Cognitive Science, and the Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning and Design (L3D) at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His research interest has been focused for a long time on design and he and his collaborators and PhD students have explored a large number of different topics relevant to an emerging Science of Design including: domain-oriented design environments, the importance of critiquing in design, universal design (assistive technologies), collaborative design and social creativity, meta-design and end-user development, and socio-technical environments in support of design.

Yunwen Ye ( is a Senior Researcher at SRA Key Technology Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan. His research has been centered on the themes of using computer to support collaborative design activities through the seamless integration of knowledge resources in the head, in the world, and in the minds of other people.

Chris DiGiano ( is a senior research computer scientist at SRI International. His research interests include design processes for the creation of learning tools, particularly in the design of pedagogical programming environments and mobile learning devices.

Elisa Giaccardi( is a research scientist at the Center for Lifelong Learning and Design (L3D), University of Colorado at Boulder. Her research is focused on Information Technology and Creative Practices (ITCP), and in particular on the design patterns and implications of interdisciplinary and intercultural practice.

Kumiyo Nakakoji( is a Full Professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, Japan. Her research interest has been knowledge interaction design for creative knowledge work.

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