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In this class, we will explore computational sketching environments.

To prepare for class, please do the following short "exercise":

  • explore the 'ABOUT' link to learn about the SwarmSketch concept

  • click on the 'DRAW' link to contribute to the current community sketch. What mechanisms are used to mediate participation between users? Do you think it is "fair"? Why?

  • click on the 'PIE CHART' (view statistics ...) and 'CLOCK' (view history ...) -> do you find this information useful or interesting? Why?

  • click on 'BROWSE' and look at some of the finished artwork (some topics are listed below). In particular, consider representations from the concrete to the abstract. How well does this environment capture these concepts? Why?
    • pg 8 -> terrorism
    • pg 22 -> Mt Everest
    • pg 23 -> Segway
    • pg 24 -> Hurricanes
    • pg 26 -> Boeing 787; Bird Flu
    • pg 17 -> Richard Pryor

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