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Home Page of Integration Team for Independent Research

Design Brainstorming Board

- To Aid Early Design Communication
Independent Research proposal, DLC– Spring 2007


from Gerhard 4/9:

  • the "independent research" page and the "project page" should be different (in your case they are the same) – please document the progress for your project ASAP!
  • as I said in class: maybe collaborate with the antenna design team to use your method as a testbed for their developments
  • where will the focus of your project be: will you build a prototype system or will you do an in-depth, theoretically-grounded experiment?

Feedback from Gerhard 3/10
you could / should organize your website better (= more consistently)

your topic:
  • early design support: compare "fat pencil technologies" versus Autocad (a system for design supporting later phases)
  • you should develop a "model of design processes" and identify the unique aspects of "early design
  • question: what are the strength / wekanesses of your system compared to the EDC for early design support
  • develop a table comparing the different systems which you mention
  • interview Chris diGiano about "group scribble" –> he will also give a guest lecture about "group scribble" on 3/21 in the DLC class
  • "DBB = brainstorming network preferred by a team of 2-12 members" –> how did you derive this number?
  • who are the particpants? are they from a "Commnity of Practice" or a Community of Interest"?
  • develop a scenario / mock-up for illustration to identify the critical issues and how your system is different from other systems
  • remember: the independent research is not so much focused on system building (this is the focus of the "project") - but on exploring an intellectually important topic\

One page statement for each group (02/21)
First 1-3 page progress report (03/07)
Presentations and discussion in class (04/02)
Final Report (04/23)
Final Presentation (04/25)

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