This is the Lecture Material Page

Jan 18: Overview of Course first-lecture-jan18.pdf

Jan 23: Overview of Design overview-design-jan23.pdf

Jan25: Overview of Learning overview-learning-jan25.pdf

Jan30: Overview of Collaboration overview-collab-jan30.pdf

Feb 1: Simon's Architecture of Complexity simon-archi-complexity.pdf

Feb 13: DODEs and Critics critics-embed-dodes-feb13.pdf

Feb 15: Buxton "Less is More (More or Less)." buxton-less-is-more-feb15.pdf

Feb 20: Fischer et al: Meta-Design" meta-design-feb20.pdf

March 1: Bransford "Learning: From Speculation to Science" bransford-learn-march1.pdf

March 6: "Couch Potatoes" couch-potato-march6.pdf

March 8: "Models of Teaching and Learning" rogoff-comm-of-learn-mar8.pdf

March 13: Learning on Demand and HFA um-lod-hfas-march13-06.pdf

March 20: Social and Technological Dimensions of Scaffolding pea-scaffolding.pdf

March 22: Tools for Living and Tools for Learning tools-for-living learning.pdf

March 22: Additional "Bonus" Slides from a L3D Presentation about "Distributed Intelligence" – these slides are closely related to the lectures on March 20 and 22 slides-avi-l3d-practice.pdf

April 5: Integrating Individual and Social Creativity creativity-indiv-social.pdf

April 12: Themes for Collaboration collaboration-themes.pdf

April 24: Guest lecture: Yunwen Ye "Cognitive and Social Support for Learning Java API" DLC_Class_2006Spring-yunwen.pdf

April 26: Guest lecture: Shin'ichi Konomi "Context Awareness and Privacy in Collaborative Environments" konomi-slides.pdf