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Gerhard Fischer and Hal Eden: “Design, Learning, and Collaboration” — Spring Semester 2005

General Remark for all assignments — always remember the statement by Blaise Pascal:
“I have made this letter longer than usual, because I lack the time to make it shorter.”

Assignment 2: Collaboration


a) Monday, January 24, 2005; 9:00am on the class website — max length: two pages

b) you can work as a group and submit one answer as a group (clearly identifying the members of your group)

To do:

1) Read the article: “In Defense of Cheating” by Don Norman; accessible via:
and comment on the following issue:

  • do you agree or disagree with Norman’s position? Why?

  • how does his view relate to your own experience in your school, university, and working life (in case you have worked somewhere sometimes)?

2) Visit one of the following websites and explore it as a medium for collaboration



3) Briefly discuss for your chosen website:

  • what did you find interesting about it?

  • in which way is it related to “collaboration”?

  • how does it compare with the Swiki used for our class?

4) which is your favorite website / system in support of collaboration (briefly justify your opinion)!

5) have you ever read a book(s) / article(s) (or books) about collaboration? if yes:

  • choose the most important one

  • provide title and one paragraph what you found interesting about it!

HW2_Divya Ashok






hw2 - Nathan Balasubramanian

hw2 - Adam Torgerson

hw2 - Scott Allen



hw2 - Chris Magill

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