Gerhard Fischer and Hal Eden: “Design, Learning, and Collaboration” — Spring Semester 2005

General Remark for all assignments — always remember the statement by Blaise Pascal:
“I have made this letter longer than usual, because I lack the time to make it shorter.”

Assignment 2: Collaboration


a) Monday, January 24, 2005; 9:00am on the class website — max length: two pages

b) you can work as a group and submit one answer as a group (clearly identifying the members of your group)

To do:

1) Read the article: “In Defense of Cheating” by Don Norman; accessible via:
and comment on the following issue:

2) Visit one of the following websites and explore it as a medium for collaboration

3) Briefly discuss for your chosen website:

4) which is your favorite website / system in support of collaboration (briefly justify your opinion)!

5) have you ever read a book(s) / article(s) (or books) about collaboration? if yes:

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