FastTracks Planning Activity

The US 36 Corridor / Longmont Extension portion of the RTD FastTracks project will have considerable impact on Boulder County. There are many people effected by this effort and communication and gathering input is a critical facet of the project.

Louisville and Boulder will have new transit stations based one of the options being considered–these will have major impacts on the surrounding areas.

Key players in the project will meet to decide how to best involve citizens in the process. For the role play you will research your role as one of these key players.

The purposes of this activity are to

Some of the questions that will need to be addressed and clarified are:

For this role-play activity, you will be researching your own roles.

You need to:

  1. Select a role and post your selection to this web page. You may pair up on roles, but if you do so, then work together on the next part.

  1. Research your role. Find out what tasks you would need to perform and what information you would need to do your job (hint: googling "wildfire response plan" might be one place to start). Document what you find on a Swiki page linked to your role.

Due: noon Wednesday, March 16th

Some resources for your preparation:

Here are some potential roles:

  1. RTD Project Manager
  2. Boulder County Transportation Commissioner
  3. City of Louisville Transportation Manager
  4. City of Boulder Transportation Manager
  5. Project Design Contractors
  6. Environmental Experts
  7. Community Business Leaders
  8. Citizens Advocacy Leaders/Organizations

(feel free to generate more roles)

Katie- Citizen Advocacy Leader for Louisville

Ryan - CU Student/Frequent Traveller (I (almost) never utilize Public Transportation, but I fly ~2 times per month for work, so FastTracks could conceivably ease my airport commute and parking hassles)

Jodi - Environmental Expert

Henry - CU Student/part-time job in Denver (and very frequent user of public transportation)

Nathan - Role Playing Transportation Manager, City of Louisville

Scotty - Citizen Advocacy Leader for Boulder

Phong - Community Business Leader

Aaron - CU student/part-time job. I almost never us public transportation because I'm on a very tight time schedule and often travel for work.

Dave - Project Design Contractor

Zack - City of Boulder Transportation Manager

AlI - CU full time student. Everyday commuter from Denver

Chris - Environmental activist

Divya - Environmental protection planner

Adam - City of Longmont Transportation Manager