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Community Business Leader


Represent businesses and companies located along the US corridor from Denver to Boulder and those in the surrounding communities. Representative businesses concerned about this transportation corridor include: Ball Corporation, Boulder Area Realtor Association, Boulder Chamber of Commerce, Broomfield Economic Development Corporation, CDR Associates, CH2M Hill, Carter & Burgess, Inc., Catellus Development Corporation, Centura Avista Adventist Hospital, Chamber Serving the Broomfield Area, Church Ranch Corporate Center
Conscious Media, Continuum Partners, Felsburg, Holt, & Ullevig, FlatIron Improvement District, Gaiam, Hunter Douglas Inc., Window Fashions Division, Jefferson County Airport, Kaiser Permanente, Level(3) Communications
National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), Northwest Parkway Project, Omni Interlocken Resort, Roche Colorado, Storage Technology Corporation, Sun Microsystems, SuperShuttle, URS Corporation, University of Colorado at Boulder, Washington Group International, Wells Fargo Bank, Broomfield Westfield Development Company, Inc., Wild Oats Markets, and Xcel Energy. These companies belong to the US 36 Transportation Management Organization.

These businesses seek to contribute to addressing transportation issues in the US 36 corridor and also to participate and where appropriate invests in transportation services and program that enhance employees' ability to reach their place of work and to ensure the efficient movement of good and services to and from these businesses' locations. These businesses also would like to encourage alternative transportation options beside driving to minimize transportation costs, reduce commuter stress, and improve employee retention.

Tools and Resources

Businesses voice their concerns through the following mechanisms:
  • make presentation to civic and business group to encourage participations (Kiwanis, Rotaries, Longmont Downtown Associations, etc).
  • accompany Colorado cities mayor to visit US Congressional delegation to voice concerns about US 36 corridor transportation needs.
  • provide interviews, quotes, and op-ed articles to newspaper to express views
  • sponsor alternative transportation fairs for outreach and information purposes
  • work with RTD to improve, increase, or modify available bus and light rail routes
  • educate community members about transportation need and issues at community fairs, etc.

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