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How do I upload files?

  1. Click on the "Uploads to this page" link in the navigation bar on the left. (If you are in an iconic view, the icon is simply named "uploads").
  2. To upload a file:
    1. Click the browse button and find the file in your local file system using a file browser (select files as you normally would)
    2. After you return from the file browser, the name of the file should appear in the text box.
    3. Files can be associated either with a specific page or with the entire swiki. If you wish to refer to this file from other pages, then click on the radio button next to "Upload to the Swiki." Otherwise leave it as "Upload to the page."
    4. Select whether you wish to have the link to the uploaded file automatically generated and placed on the current page.
    5. Click the upload button
  3. The file will be added to the location you selected.

To access a file

Type the pathname within a pair of * and + characters. For example, if upload a file called eric.pdf I could reference this file by typing

This reference will work for either page-specific or Swiki-general uploads, but it does check the page-specific uploads first.

The problem with this scheme is that if you want to reference some files that were uploaded to another page, you either have to upload them again to either the new referring page or to the Swiki. I added a feature to the Swiki that allows you to access files on other pages. So, for example if you have loaded pictures of everyone in your group to a


page, you can refer to one of these files as:


(if you know the page number of *faces*, you can also use that:


which reflects the underlying directory structure.)

This doesn't provide a completely general directory hierarchy, but is workable.

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