This is the Independent Research Page.

The Description and the deadlines for the Independent Research Activity


Objectives of the “Independent Research Activity”

1. opportunity to engage in self-directed learning in the context of an independent research exploration

1.1. this work is more conceptual than the course project and it is intended to complement the experience of the course project

1.2. it can be related to the course project, but it does not have to be!

2. please form three teams (each approximately with the same number of participants) focused respectively on: design, learning, collaboration. These are broad topics and you should define a focus for your investigation by finding and defining more specific topics in your area of investigation. Possible themes for more specific research topics are:

2.1. social creativity

2.2. meta-design

2.3. end-user development

2.4. distributed intelligence

2.5. ……………………………….

3. some suggestions:

3.1. for your information gathering process use materials from the course, books, articles, opinion pieces, the WWW,

3.2. interview people (e.g., faculty members, PhD students, friends, colleagues at work, ..) about their insights and perspectives

4. interaction between teams: the different teams should interact with each other and see how their findings and work processes can profit from each other

Research Groups:

In order to initialize the organization of 3 groups for the independent research projects, each of the 3 topics are listed below. Please add your name to the area that you are interested in working in. Please make sure that the groups are evenly distributed.