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  1. Divya Ashok
  2. Katie Byrnes
  3. Ryan Coyer
  4. Henry Doan
  5. Ali Hassani
  6. Chris Magill
  7. Aaron Schram
  8. Javier Velez

Focus of Independent Research :

Social vs Individual Learning
    • What does this looks like in schools?
    • Benefits & Limitations of each
    • Effects on Various Learners
    • Possibilities for the Future

In our second assignment for this course, we read a paper titled "In Defense of Cheating". The article analyzed the benefits and disadvantages of both individual and collaborative learning. Our goal is to build upon this idea. The current education system prefers the individual learning method, while Norman's paper stated arguments in favor of collaboration. These two concepts have fundamental differences which prevent easy transistion between these ideologies. Our research will consist of exploring the effectiveness and drawbacks of past and present learning methods while trying to determine an appropriate course for the future.

Research Plan:

    • Divide into 2 groups, one focused on social learning, the other on individual learning
    • Develop individual or paired research interests in either social or individual learning
    • Meet weekly to discuss research findings

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