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Assignment 3

Jennifer Tamez


1. Visit one of the following websites and explore it.

I visited

2. What did you find interesting about it?

The thing I found interesring about this site is that it is kind of overwhelming. There is a lot going on, a lot of things I feel like I should already know about to understand, and it seems so large that you don't really know where to go or what to do at first - you kind of get lost in it. Things are explained and do come together, but it seems like you have to dig kind of deep to find that out.

In which ways isit related to collaboration?

This website relates to collaboration because it uses people. There is a community , a forum, for other participants to get to know eachother. It allows people to interact with eachother and the website. They are able to add and change things. It is also representative of collaboration because it brings groups together for work, such as the L3D and a Boulder highschool.

How does it compare with the swiki used for our class?

I think this site is similar to the swiki. There are many links you can go to from this page. It is also similar because people are able to work together on this site. It involves a number of people who are able to add and change things as they please, but a login name and such is also required. And, I also think it's similar because its directed towards a certain audience that will be using it.

3. Have you ever read a book/article about collaboration?

No, I haven't. I'm sure I'v read something that has inlcuded some kind of collaboration, but I didn't realize it or I can't recall it.

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