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1. Visit one of the following websites and explore it

I chose to look at PHOAKS.

2.1. What did you find interesting about it?

The truth is, I am not sure I found anything interesting in the site. I have some criticism of it though.

A. By the time a user navigates through this website and finds the comments of other users on various web resources, she could more easily have performed a Google search, browsed several websites and formed her own opinions of which sites are useful.

B. From a user perspective, the site needs some help. I found the newsgroup topics to be vague (maybe these are standard newsgroup areas and I am just unfamiliar with them). Many of the links are broken including the message contexts which supposedly present the valuable information.

2.2 In which way is it related to "collaboration"?

Frankly, I am not sure how this site furthers collaboration. Its main focus is people expressing their opinions on websites. It does show some resources. But as I mentioned above, a Google search would provide this information and much more of it. I am just not impressed with PHOAKS.

2.3. How does it compare with the Swiki used for our class?

What I have seen of the Swiki looks like a better tool for collaboration. The Swiki has several functions: it acts as a meeting place, a message board, a repository for information, a resource to find more information, and more. I find it much more valuable than the PHOAKS site.

3. Have you ever read a book(s) / article(s) (or books) about collaboration?

I have not read any books or articles about collaboration. This area of study is new to me.

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