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Joel Clawson
I have chosen

2.a) I found the mamamedia site interesting because it is a place where children can go on the web and have fun with other children while learning and sharing ideas. It allows them to find other children with their own interests games/computer/sports. The site also allows the children to be creative and share their creations with the other children.

2.b) It is related to collaboration in the sense that it is a bunch of individuals sharing information or ideas. It isnít collaboration in the sense of getting a bunch of people together to accomplish something as I often think of collaboration, but just gets a bunch of people, in this case children, together to share ideas so everyone can enjoy or learn from them.

2.c) It is like the Swiki in that they are both places on the internet where people can go to share ideas and information with other people. The mamamedia site is more of an activity/project based platform where the Swiki is a more discussion oriented platform. For its purpose, the mamamedia site is better than the Swiki because a Swiki would not have the ability to do all the activities that the mamamedia site does. The mamamedia site format would not be very good at getting a bunch of people together to brainstorm solutions to a problem and discuss the pros and cons of the ideas.

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