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Scott Zweig – Assignment #3 – 1/27/04

1) Visit one of the following websites and explore it


2) Briefly discuss for your chosen website:

What did you find interesting about it?

I like how simple the interface is to navigate and use. It works almost like an online community, where kids can go to share and learn. You can animate object and create designs. You can make puzzles and play games. It acts like an internet browser for children. You can “surf” other sites on the World Wide Web, and it has an email function and member groups to join (for free!). It is incredibly easy to use.

In which way is it related to "collaboration"?

This website is an example of collaboration in that it must have taken a number of people together, sharing their ideas to come up with a system like this. There is no way that this is the creation of one mind. It also involves collaboration between the children sharing the site. Children from all over the world can come together and create games and puzzles, and share their ideas. They learn by experiencing via the internet and can shape their beliefs by communicating with others.

How does it compare with the Swiki used for our class?

Well, it is similar to the Swiki in that it is a user-based interactive website that is relatively easy to operate. You can add to it and make changes all your own without anything more than a click of the mouse. It can also do things the swiki can’t, like animate figures and make games. With such ease of use the possibilities for design and learning are infinite.

3) Have you ever read a book(s) / article(s) (or books) about collaboration? (If yes :) If NO, say no. “No”

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