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Rizwan Ansary

Assignment # 2

1.1. What did you find interesting about the article?

The current theories in learning as well as the prevalent misconceptions about the impact of technology on education have been laid out quite objectively. I also find Figure 1 to be accurate and interesting.

1.2. What did you find not interesting about the article?

I read the comparisons between Skinner/Taylor theory and the L3D model with lesser interest.

2. What do you consider the main message of the article?

The way we approach the process of learning needs changes. Only then can we effectively use technology to improve our education at the school and learning experiences at the workplace.

3. Click on one of the words in blue and see what happens?

It takes me to a glossary containing the definition or further explanation of the hyper-linked word.

3.1. Is this feature useful?

I would say it is very useful because it saves me the trouble of going over to Google or some other similar website for learning about an unknown topic. Also, while visiting the glossary, I can also look up a couple of other interesting definitions.

3.2. In which other situations have you encountered this feature?

I have seen it in online dictionaries and encyclopedias. I have also seen it in almost any web-page for linking to a piece of information that is not related to the main topic of the web-page in which it appears.

4. Global learning theories and approaches
4.1. Do you know any of the people mentioned in the diagrams:

I know none of the mentioned people.

4.2. Select one of the six

Ivan Illich

4.2.2. In case you do not know something, find out something about her/him – write a paragraph what she/he has contributed to a deeper understanding of learning?

Ivan Illich says about learning:
"Learning from programmed information always hides reality behind a screen."
Ivan Illich became famous in the 1970s when he published his work (and criticism) on some of the very basic institutions of our society like schools and hospitals. He argued that the methods very much in vogue in these institutions are actually against the very spirit of these institutions. To quote from his own words, "The pupil is thereby "schooled" to confuse teaching with learning, grade advancement with education, a diploma with competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new."

5. Identify one website (and mention the URL) which you consider interesting and relevant for "learning." Write a one paragraph justification!
I find to be an excellent resource for quick introduction to new concepts. It has also helped me on numerous occasions to better grasp the material touched upon briefly in the classroom.
I also consider to be an excellent resource once I am able to convey the right keywords.

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