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Assignment 2

Jennifer Tamez


1. I found this article interesting because it made me look at learning and the education system in a completely different way than I have before. It made me look at my own education and compare it to how this article approaches education. It made me question if my education should have been different or if it was/is even adequate. This article is interesting, to me, because it introduces a new way to learn and gives examples of how to achieve it. I did not find this article to be not interesting.

2. I think the main message of this article is that we need to begin approaching learning in a different manner, and we need to start looking at it differently. It can not be discovered; it must be designed to motivate and to change with time and technology. Learning must included collaboration and application.

3. I find the glossary link to be very useful because if there is a question regarding the reading or the concept, this is a useful tool to further understanding of what is being read. Besides text books with highlighted words, I have encountered this feature on class websites and sometimes when I have searched the web and happen to come across it.

4. I am not familiar with any of the people mentioned in the diagram.

5. B.F. Skinner was a behaviorist who sought to determine how behavior is caused by external forces. Working with pigeons was one of his experiments, which developed the ideas of operant conditioning and shaping behavior. He believed that behavior was learned and affected by punishment and reward. Important contributions of his were schedules of reinforcement, program instruction and behavior modification. According to a biography on the WWW, Skinner contributed to a deeper understanding of learning by redefining the human organism's environment to include the things people say to themselves, and by creating a logical and self-consistent system of behavior analysis.

6. I don't mean for this to sound cliche, but my website that I can learn anything from is Google is the source of all information, although you must use discretion when choosing what to believe from the results. Google gives you access to any information you are curious about, researching or just playing around with. It is interactive by forcing you to specify what you are looking for. And even though you can type one word and receive results that include that word, it forces you to think. When I say this, I mean you have to think by how you choose your words or phrase. For the more advanced "web surfer", there are ways and shortcuts to search that give you exact results with careful wording. Google is a learning source for me because I am always able to learn and explore anything I want from this website.

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