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Scott Zweig 1/25/04 Assignment #2

interesting about the article?

I found it interesting that the article tackled a very important issue that we face everyday: learning as a process; one that we do no know everything about. It also talks about learning being a process of “knowledge construction” not absorption and memorization. And this is entirely relevant today when kids are being taught in school to memorize names and dates for tests without ever truly learning their relevance. Our youths today are taught to remember something up until they are tested on it and then to forget they ever learned it to begin with, because there is new material to memorize. A very relevant excerpt from the article reads, “It is not that students cannot learn; it is that they are not well motivated to learn.” This quote alone exemplifies our education system today, in that the problem is not the student’s ability to learn, but the teacher’s ability to make learning more interesting and engaging.

not interesting about the article?

I found of the article to be somewhat interesting, however I felt that some of the pictures/diagrams did not help in explaining the concepts they were trying to make clear. Instead I think that some of the visuals actually took away from the content. There were seven visuals in the article, and two were cartoons. The cartoons did a much better job of illustrating the points being made than did the other five visual models. I just found them to be more confusing than helpful.

what do you consider the main message of the article?

I consider the main message of this article to be that our current system today for learning and teaching is becoming obsolete. As of a few years ago we are in the “Information Age” and we are to find new ways to teach and learn more effectively.

click on one of the words in blue and see what happens?

When one of the blue terms in the article is clicked, it automatically brings up the meaning of the word(s) in an online glossary window.

is this feature useful?

Yes, this feature is very useful, because in reading and learning about these new concepts, sometimes a little explanation is necessary.
in which other situations have you encountered this feature?
This feature is used all over the world wide web. I believe the proper name for it is a hyperlink. On almost all pages there are links, or menus or navigation bars. When you click on one of these items, some action is performed. Either by bringing you to another page or by showing you the meaning of a word/phrase, it helps the user “interact” with the computer.

do you know any of the people mentioned in the diagrams? nope
Skinner - No
Piaget – No
Papert - No
Illich - No
Vygotsky - No
Dewey - No

select one of the six - Dewey

in case you do not know something, find out something about her/him – write a paragraph what she/he has contributed to a deeper understanding of learning?

In 1916, American John Dewey said:

“methods which are permanently successful in formal education give the student something to do, not something to learn, and that doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking. “

Dewey had a great notion here: rather than just watching TV and absorbing information, thinking about it and translating it into action can be a fruitful learning experience. While Dewey did not have computers to help him introduce interactivity into learning, now that we have this powerful tool, we must use it. And we must always remember, “learning is a human instinct that for many is a social activity, in which the learner needs contact with real people as part of the process of exploration and reflection that is learning.” (Beddie 2002, pg.3)

identify one website (and mention the URL) which you consider interesting and relevant for "learning."


(it is a website devoted to helping educators integrate technology into curriculum)

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