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1.1 Most class mates thought the interesting point made in the article was the fact that there exists too much information. Our world abounds with information everywhere. The key is to know what information is relevant and what information has a high degree of confidence. The article also indicates that we (collectively) need more collaboraton.

1.2 Some individuals brought out the point that collaboration does not work in all cases. So specific tasks require different approaches to resolution and solution. Knowing which is the case is very important.

2.0 The correct use and management of KM will lead to a better framing of the problem and success in dealing with it.

3.0 Most people indicated the SWIKI as an example of KM. There are many positive aspects of the swike. Functionality, ease of use (not for me!!), access and collaborative nature. The swiki is only as good as it is manaaged and used.

4.1 It is very compatible for use, edit and add functions. It is overall a very powerful extention of information and learning.

4.2 If it is not managed properly it may go down and the result is no information, no collaboration, no learning or exchanging of ideas, etc.

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