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Brock LaMeres

HW#18 (4/28/04)

1. what did you find

1.1. interesting about the article?

That everyone agrees that we do not have a lack information available, the trick is organization and sifting through the large amounts that we do have. This is interesting to me because I would rather be faced with the problems of too much information that the problem of not enough information. However sometimes these articles almost put a negative spin on too much information.

1.2. not interesting about the article?

We've covered this topic a few times in class and also in our Independent Research, we called it "Knowledge in the Head vs. Knowlege in the world".

2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

This article suggests that the best way to solve the problem of too much information is through collaboration. Current systems don't focus on this.

3. there is a section in the article ?courses-as-seeds? analyzing an earlier course from a KM perspective. Please analyze briefly our course in a similar fashion against the framework and claims made in the article.

The swiki is a good example of KM in that we are all adding information to one database that everyone else can access. This is good because it is easy and we are all collaborating. There are a couple limitations though. The first is the organization. In the beginning of the course we had information all over the swiki and it was difficult to find. We've since got things pretty clean but you can see this as being a problem as more users are added.

The second problem is the number of users. This compounds the problem of organization. If we had 100 students all modifying the swiki, it would be very disorganized and impossible to use. I would bet that if we had 100 students, we would evolve into a traditional KM system where there were a small subset of students that acted as "organizers" to keep all of the info in an orderly fashion.

4. analyze the strength/weakness of the Swiki as a computational environment to support KM

4.1. strength

It is very easy to use/add/edit. Supporting standard HTML along with other little functions makes it very powerful.

4.2. weakness

When it goes down, we are all in trouble because we rely on it so much. Also, it can get unorganized.

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