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1.1. what did you find interesting about the article?

The problem isn't a lack of information. The problem is that there is too much information available and we are unable to find what is actually relevant for a task. We, especially school systems, don't know how to share information and knowledge so that it's useful.

One group who did the assignment believes that there is a need for domain experts to bring about improvements. Another person feels that our school system should be set up like a knowledge management system; students would add to and maintain the knowledge store instead of being forced to focus on memorization.

1.2. what did you find not interesting about the article?

One person found this article too similar to the other articles we've already read. Another group of respondents feels that the ideas of collaboration don't work well in all college classes and that the current system is the best solution at the moment.

2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

There is a problem with the way current knowledge management systems are implemented; they are created and maintained by too few people. There is a need for more collaboration – allow more people from more domains to be involved in the system.

3. there is a section in the article ?courses-as-seeds? analyzing an earlier course from a KM perspective. Please analyze briefly our course in a similar fashion against the framework and claims made in the article.

The swiki can act a little like a KM system, but it has several problems: when it's down, there's no support for the website; each page must be titled differently or pages will be overwritten; there is a lack of standards/structure, i.e. how and where to post; it is primarily assignment-driven, it has not been used as a place to post and discuss ideas.

4.1. analyze the strength of the Swiki as a computational environment to support KM.

Easy to add, update, and delete. Everyone has access to everyone else's work. It act as central storage for the class. It's organizational structure is user imposed and can be changed to be more useful.

4.2. analyze the weakness of the Swiki as a computational environment to support KM.

Availability – there is no backup for times the server is down. Difficult to find information if you don't know where to look. It doesn't have a way to motivate users to contribute. Conversations are difficult because users are seldom simultaneously participating.

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