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Jennifer Tamez

Assignment 18

April 28, 2004

1. what did you find

1.1. interesting about the article?

I found interesting that at one point in the article, when it talks about the course-as-seeds, it mentions that students actively participated in the assignment that they thought would get them the grade - but did not put any effort into going beyond that and reading the other students' answers to learn or discuss more in class or the forum. The reason this is interesting to me, is because I had a similar answer to this first question as most of the other students in the class - that there is an abundant, more than necessary, amount of information that we have to search through and knowledge management is helpful in allowing us to find and understand the information that we need at that time. Although I am not sure how other students in the class use the swiki - I have not usually looked at what others have to say until recently.
I could even get into how the article and this example go back to the education system and how it is wrong, but as the article says, there needs to be a cultural transformation and a change within the community. I think this is a work in progress and we are slowly head in that direction.

1.2. not interesting about the article? N/A

2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

In stating before, I think that the main message is saying that knowledge management is needed and there are ways in which we can improve this and use it to our advantage.

3. there is a section in the article ?courses-as-seeds? analyzing an earlier course from a KM perspective. Please analyze briefly our course in a similar fashion against the framework and claims made in the article.

4. analyze the

4.1. strength and

I think the strength is that we all have access to the swiki, can post our homework/projects/comments, and that everyone can read and know what is going on in the class.

4.2. weakness

I think the weakness is that it might be hard for others (non DLC class members) to understand how exactly to access or find certain information they might need. Maybe a posting is in the wrong locations, or there might just be too much information to know where to look.

of the Swiki as a computational environment to support KM.

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